2018: Blockchain Facts. Why blockchain? And why now?

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🔻In 2016, the amount of investment in blockchain startups reached a record number of $500 million.

During this time, more than 2500 patents for blockchain-based solutions were issued in the world, says the Global Blockchain Startup Ecosystem 2017 study, prepared by Frost & Sullivan analysts.
“The technology of the blockchain and distributed register is tested and applied by many international corporations. More than 250 of them are engaged in the development of blockchain-based solutions, either alone or in partnership with other large companies or with the involvement of startups” — says Alexei Volostnov, Managing Director of the Russian representative office of Frost & Sullivan. “More than 90 corporations have joined the international blockchain consortium R3. Until the end of 2017, up to 80% of banks plan to launch financial services on the basis of blockchain technologies.”

🔻“This Is the Right Time and Place to Be Pursuing Blockchain Research”

And Aparna is right.

🔻11 out of 50 largest companies in fintech use blockchain:

It is worth mentioning that 11 of the listed companies use blockchain technology or work closely with the crypto-currency industry.

The companies Veem and RobinHood Free Stock Trading Robinhood were featured in the list. Veem is a system for sending and receiving payments for businesses using blockchain technology, and Robinhood is a stock trading application that recently announced the launch of Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) trading.

🔻$1,4+ bln was invested into blockchain for last three years.

More than 24 countries invest today into a blockchain tech, including USA, UK, China, and Russia.

All over the world, there are more than 2000 startups launched, and the quantity of patents has exceeded 3000 in the last 3 years.

Only in the USA, there are more than 90 banks who are preparing to apply blockchain.

According to an April report G-20, countries of Group of Twenty should interact with this tech to construct a transparent and reportable digital economy for everyone. The blockchain is a key to creating a comprehensive global digital economy, that is truly safe and transparent for every citizen of the world.

McKinsey already predicted efficiency gains from 80 to 100 bln USD dollars.

Are you ready to hop on this train?

At the largest Swiss blockchain conference of the year, we will go through the latest trends, dynamic of development, the pitfalls — everything that you have to know to be prepared for the next step of the humanity. Blockchain.

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