2018: Blockchain Facts. Why blockchain? And why now?

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🔻In 2016, the amount of investment in blockchain startups reached a record number of $500 million.

In total, starting from 2013, companies engaged in the development of blockchain technologies and services were able to attract almost $1.5 billion of investments.

🔻“This Is the Right Time and Place to Be Pursuing Blockchain Research”

— said Aparna Krishnan, a co-founder of open-source blockchain research Mechanism Labs, and a recipient of UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab Grant. Aparna is also a former Head of Education and Executive VP at Blockchain at UC Berkeley and founded there the Education Department at Blockchain.

🔻11 out of 50 largest companies in fintech use blockchain:

This winter Forbes for the third time presented a list of Fintech 50, which includes the 50 largest companies in the field of financial technology in 2018.

🔻$1,4+ bln was invested into blockchain for last three years.

This is one of the crucial numbers of blockchain industry. And here are more:

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