9 tips on how to make a successful pitch

Pitch Deck is one of the core components on the road to success of any startup. All the “big sharks” of the industry, such as Uber, Airbnb and others started their journey with preparing their pitches. As the hosts of the Startup Competition this November, we have decided to share with you some essential tips that will make any company be noticed and remembered by any investor.

  1. Technology description

Indicate the research and development you have gone through in the course of project creation.

2. Market analysis

Include in the presentation a brief intro of the problem and solution, market and competitor analysis of your field.

3. Product development stage

Give the audience something to feel and touch, not just believe. Provide investors with alpha or beta, invite them to test the app.

4. Financial and business planning

Share your business plan. The more accurate and sophisticated your financial and business plans are, the easier for an investor it turns out to make a decision.

5. Business model

Be explicit when describing how your project will generate profits. Give numbers, proofs (results of survey, focus groups, etc.) and forecasts.

6. Target audience

Tell what market is your target, what type of B2B, B2C or C2C service you are intending to provide and in which location.

7. Unique Selling Proposition

Tell us why you and only you: any market is full of ideas, but only a few manage to make dreams solid. Give us an insight to you and your team’s background.

8. Roadmap

Tell the jury not only what, but exactly when. Be specific. An investor allocates some of his or her resources for the future profits, and they prefer to see everything fixed to a strict calendar.

9. Investment needed and other goals

Announce some particular goals. If you are looking for an investor, do not forget to speak about the amount. If you need an advisor, point out the competences you are lacking.

We hope this brief outline will help you reaching your goals at AI & Blockchain Summit!

Participate in Startup Competition to present your startup pitch to professional investors and advisors who will be considering your projects for further cooperation and acceleration.

Visit the competition website to apply: https://swissblockchainsummit.com/competition




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