InnMind is launching, together with Hyundai CRADLE, Hyundai Motor Company’s corporate venturing and open innovation business, and POSCO Capital, POSCO Group’s venture capital division in South Korea, the H2 Challenge! The Challenge is an open innovation initiative designed to identify the best entrepreneurial, academic and technological projects developed across the globe in the hydrogen related applications and technologies. Starting from July 5th 2021, H2 Challenge is accepting applications from international startups from Pre-Seed to Scaleup stages, university teams and strategic partners.

The H2 Challenge is designed to become an open innovation platform for startups, academia and SMEs to share their…

InnMind & Corporate partners launch an open call for breakthrough high-tech SaaS solutions targeting use cases in the retail industry

InnMind & Corporate partners launch an open call for breakthrough high-tech SaaS solutions targeting use cases in the retail industry

Based on the requests of a number of international leading CVC engines, InnMind, #1 European digital ecosystem for startups, VCs & CVCs

& Corporate partners launch an open call for SaaS startups targeting use cases in the retail industry.

The main focus is based on (but not limited to) startups that work in the following verticals:

  • behavioural science,
  • security and…

Evaluation of profitable business is calculated based on sales traction, past years revenues and other metrics. You also can use this formula for late stage startups. But there is no sales traction at the early stage yet, and therefore pre-revenue startups cannot use traditional valuation methods to estimate the value of their business.

Business plans and financial forecasts don’t give you much information about a company, so evaluation of early stage startups is a potential assessment of the ability to realize it. There are several methods of startup evaluation that are used by angel investors and VCs during due-diligence.

1. Venture Capital Valuation Method


The World Bank Ag Observatory supported by Draper University has established a partnership with InnMind to call for tech startups to improve agriculture and food security risk financing in Southern Africa. The applications can be submitted before 2nd April 2020.

The Sustainable Development Department of the African Region at the World Bank Ag Observatory is launching Three Challenges to find innovative tools to reduce economic losses and food insecurity.

The World Bank is the largest organization aimed to help developing countries around the world. One of the directions of the World Bank is agriculture to end extreme poverty.

Extreme weather…

Dear community members,

You might agree that now it’s an ideal time for the announcement of our next event, and this time we have prepared something absolutely special for you. If you are busy working on your MVP, or developing your startup idea, looking for investors or even going full scale with your business — then EU | Sillicon Valley 5-days Entrepreneurship Training is a perfect match with your goals this year!

On the 19th of December InnMind together with Cointelegraph and Jarvis organized the first blockchain meetup in Barcelona. The aim of the event was to bring together blockchain, AI and crypto community of Barcelona and learn more about embracing the blockchain technology to the market.

During the meetup, we learned from the speakers about the future of blockchain in gaming and media industry, discussed the challenges of startups development and crypto regulation, and brainstormed regarding mass adoption of blockchain in real life.

🎤 CBDO of Cointelegraph Sergey Medvedev invited meetup participants for collaboration with the top-tier media outlet in the…

AI & Blockchain Summit hosted last week by InnMind at Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona is recognized as a turning point between dreams and reality, as most startups have commented. The 3-day event turned out to be a complete success not only for young companies, who looked for support, but also for the mature industrial companies and partners, who came there to network.

For InnMind team the most important outcome of the event is the new business development opportunities, opened for our sponsors and participants. Right now the team is still collecting feedback and follow ups, but they…

Pitch Deck is one of the core components on the road to success of any startup. All the “big sharks” of the industry, such as Uber, Airbnb and others started their journey with preparing their pitches. As the hosts of the Startup Competition this November, we have decided to share with you some essential tips that will make any company be noticed and remembered by any investor.

  1. Technology description

Indicate the research and development you have gone through in the course of project creation.

2. Market analysis

Include in the presentation a brief intro of the problem and solution, market…

Each entrepreneur understands that applying innovations in the business model in almost all the cases brings positive results. But to which extent the results from the innovative adaptations are positive?

Let’s take a look at some real-life examples of innovation applying in various businesses and what kind of achievements these companies have reached.

As you can see, there are some significant changes in companies that apply AI, machine learning, big data and other technologies. Innovation, without any doubts, is the main driver of the industry nowadays, that defines a unique value proposition of each competitive company.

Visit AI & Blockchain…

Have you ever thought that everything you need, as a startup, will be packed together and presented to you in just one single place? Barcelona-based AI & Blockchain Summit 19–21 November is this exact place, where startups find their shelter and feel comfortable promoting their ideas. This statement is supported by the fact that the organizers do not only provide young and ambitious companies with networking support, but also focus on business development, organization of targeted meetings and facilitation of product sales.

Startup Competition, as a keynote event at the Summit, is seen as a trigger point around which the…

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