AI appliance in the government sector:

what challenges you face on the way

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Let’s take a look at the adoption of AI in the government sector where Artificial Intelligence is increasingly making an impact.

Artificial Intelligence as one of the most disruptive technologies influences many areas and industries. However, this technology is not so common as it should be nowadays.

Here are some of the key barriers:

1. Effective use of data

90% of the world’s data has been created in the past two years. The main problem is that organizations and companies can not analyse such a large flow of information. Many companies don’t even know how to structure data in order to optimize the storage. This is a significant problem given that data is the fuel that powers modern AI solutions.

2. AI talents

The next problem is the lack of high calibre AI talents. Private companies attract specialists with bigger compensation who make a low budget hiring process almost impossible for companies and the government. It is also getting difficult to delegate AI specialist’s tasks to the other government personnel.

3. AI environment

AI market develops continuously. Except big companies, like Alibaba, Amazon, Google and Microsoft, there are many small AI-focused companies. According to Deloitte Canada research in 2019, there are more than 800 firms specializing in AI. These small companies have limited experience working with the government and difficulty scaling up for large projects. The government should find ways to create industrial hubs with these newer players to improve the local economy significantly.

4. Procurement mechanisms

The government should buy algorithms that the private sector treats as Intellectual Property, as there is no possibility to customize the tool for their needs due to providers’ prohibition.

Another way is to hire a specialist for the government’s needs by the provider. However, public procurement mechanisms are slow and complicated.

In addition, we also want to add that public entities are not flexible enough to make some experiments for innovation appliance. Despite it, here are some examples of AI adoption in government.

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You can learn more about the current AI projects in the public sector here: AI in Government — Current AI Projects in the Public Sector

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