AI & Blockchain Summit Startup Kit: Ideal Place to Accelerate Sales, Find Partners and Raise Capital

Have you ever thought that everything you need, as a startup, will be packed together and presented to you in just one single place? Barcelona-based AI & Blockchain Summit 19–21 November is this exact place, where startups find their shelter and feel comfortable promoting their ideas. This statement is supported by the fact that the organizers do not only provide young and ambitious companies with networking support, but also focus on business development, organization of targeted meetings and facilitation of product sales.

Startup Competition, as a keynote event at the Summit, is seen as a trigger point around which the main buzz is concentrated. Organized by InnMind, the Swiss innovation-driven ecosystem that connects VCs, startups and service providers, the competition is supported by global accelerators, innovation hubs, active international investors, family offices and funds.

Uniting the most anticipated companies, politicians, C-level executives of the biggest market players, and other industry representatives, the event is expected to be one of its kind. Amongst hundreds of business men and active market players, there will certainly be the ones particularly interested in your products or services.

“We do not aim to just be the event’s hosts, but rather to contribute with a real and tangible value to the acceleration of each startup, that is coming to Barcelona this November. Our team is dedicated to create an extraordinary environment, where there are no barriers in communication and business development between individuals with all possible backgrounds.”

Nelli Orlova, CEO of InnMind

The organizational team claims that their mission is to match individuals and companies, depending on their goals, which would result in a huge puzzle, whereby everyone perfectly fits and has an interest. At AI & Blockchain Summit, the participants of the startup competition are provided with the following activities, intended to complete this “puzzle” for them:

  • Mentoring and feedback sessions from the top industry experts;

In case you, as a startup, do not know from where to start your long and successful journey, apply now to AI & Blockchain Summit Startup Competition and be amongst the ones to succeed.

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AI & Blockchain Summit Startup Competition at Smart City World Congress

19–21 November 2019

Hall 2, A200

#1 European digital ecosystem for startups and investors

#1 European digital ecosystem for startups and investors