Alex Shkor, CEO at DEIP, will form a part of AI & Blockchain Summit

We are happy to announce that Alex Shkor, blockchain expert and a public speaker, has joined AI & Blockchain Summit!

Alex is a blockchain architect with over 9 years of experience in designing distributed systems. He is a recognized expert in blockchain architecture and crypto-economic models design. Alex regularly gives lectures and workshops on these topics, and was invited as a speaker to world-leading international conferences and universities.

Here is one of his conference pitches: Future of science, Alex Shkor at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai

Let’s take a look at Alex’s achievements list as a professional:

  • He invented the reputational incentivization model for science economy and designed a system to reflect scientific contribution on the blockchain.
  • Created multiple blockchain solutions:
  • Aggregation Cluster;
  • DEIP Decentralized Storage;
  • Delegated Proof of Expertise Contribution consensus algorithm;
  • Event Centric smart contracts with parallel execution;
  • Expertise tokens system;
  • Dynamic emission distribution.

In addition, Alex Shkor was a CTO and Head of R&D Department at, he has established blockchain and distributed system expertise, led 10+ R&D projects with Blockchain (Ethereum, Graphene, Hyperledger, etc.), Machine Learning, Distributed Systems Architecture (LMAX, CQRS. Event Sourcing, CRDT, Lambda Architecture, etc.)

At the moment, Alex Shkor is a CEO and blockchain architect at, decentralized research platform.

The company’s mission is to help organizations and individuals to accelerate innovations by providing the most effective digital ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. team have developed a comprehensive system to innovate the R&D process using a decentralization approach and blockchain technology, for a wide range of stakeholders.

The company has existed from 2017 and achieved the following results:

  • Operating a global public DEIP Testnet, with participants from 12 countries under “load & stress”
  • Together with Oslo University launched PnP Journal. This is the first open-access Plan S compliant journal format combining publishing with funding.
  • Designing a pilot project of Open Research Platform with Marie Curie Alumni Association.
  • Partnering with international associations “Blockchain for Science”, “EuroDoc”, “Blockchain for Social Impact”, “Open Science MOOC” and “ECLAB”.

Learn more about here: Protecting intellectual property in 0.5 seconds. How DEIP leverages blockchain to revolutionize IP protection

We are happy to have Alex Shkor as a speaker at the biggest conference venue in Barcelona. At AI & Blockchain Summit you will be able to listen to Alex’s speech and discuss blockchain future and its appliance with him.

Join the summit on 19–21 November to get insights and knowledge of technology appliance in government and public sector from the top experts and industry leaders.

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BLS Team

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