Angelo Fasola, CEO Of TrustMeUp, Has Joined The Summit As A Keynote Speaker!

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The biggest AI & Blockchain Summit is only 77 days away from its start! Therefore, let us present you one of the keynote speakers at AI & Blockchain Summit, Angelo Fasola, CEO of TrustMeUp.

As a true business enthusiast, Angelo worked as a Sales Manager in a German multinational company, Burkert Contromatic AG, active in the automation and industrial processes, Marketing and Communication Manager at FIDS (Italian Dance Sports Federation) and Sales and Marketing Director by E-Vai, a Car Sharing company of the FNM S.p.A. group.

In addition, he held the role of Sales, Business Processes and Personnel Manager at CFC “Garante del Contribuente” and MPO Trustee S.p.A. an Italian company leader in the asset protection sector.

Since June 2014, Angelo has been following with great interest and depth all the developments that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are bringing to all sectors. He has attended seminars, studied several publications, and for the past two years, through Dynamite Academy, has provided training services in relation to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Now, Angelo Fasola is founder of TrustMeUp, a web platform where non-profit associations (sports and charity) meet fans and donors to share goals and projects to be carried out together, while promoting the birth of a new economic model.

The innovation of TrustMeUp is actually represented by a 100% “refund” system in favour of fans and donors: for each contribution the fans/donors are rewarded 100% in PassionCoin to be used by online merchants and offline affiliates. In this way, fans and donors support their passions at Zero cost.

TrustMeUp offers several benefits:

  • Associations can promote their projects and raise even more funds to carry them out;
  • Fans and Donors will be an “active part” of the supported project and will be encouraged to donate because they are rewarded 100% for each contribution;
  • affiliate Merchants will achieve new customers and increase revenue.

We are pleased to have Angelo on stage and participating in our 3-day intensive program as speaker, where he will share his experience and vision of blockchain future and its appliance.

Visit AI & Blockchain Summit in Barcelona on 19–21 November to get in contact with Angelo Fasola and other great speakers, industry and business leaders from IBM, Ripple, Bosch, Huawei, Microsoft and other world-known companies!

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