Luis Gelado, Co-founder and CEO of GeoDB, will give a speech at AI & Blockchain Summit

We are happy to announce that Luis Gelado, Co-Founder & CEO of GeoDB, has joined us as a keynote speaker at the event in Barcelona.

Luis has 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. He has built several successful companies in the tech space ( & and launched products across Europe and Asia. He has a deep financial, strategic, funding and operations experience. He successfully managed to close many funding rounds for his ventures from well-known VCs.

Today, Luis Gelado is a Co-Founder and CEO of GeoDB, a peer-to-peer data sharing ecosystem powered by blockchain technologies that have the mission to democratize the 200b big data industry.

GeoDB was founded by well-known European serial entrepreneurs, who are claiming to solve the major problems we notice today in the big data market. GeoDB is a decentralized p2p big data sharing ecosystem, the mission of which is to democratize the 260bn Big Data industry, building an open ecosystem in which to establish better and trusted relationships between market participants while giving back control and value to data generators, the users.

Luis explains why his company focuses on the data market:

“The fact that all people around the world are connected through digital devices has grown the big data market, which is already very large. Many studies say by 2030 95% of corporate decisions worldwide will be based on data analysis.

But it is a very atomized market: there are thousands of participants, but there are no bridges between them. Disconnected dots in an immense game board where there is little communication between supply and demand and, therefore, there are no pre-established rules regarding prices, purchasing mechanisms or legal aspects. This creates huge friction and causes that only 5 to 10% of the data generated worldwide is being exploited.”

The company currently has more than 12 million users from 150 countries committed to sell their data through GeoDB in exchange for GEO tokens. Once they have launched the test version of GeoCash application in May 2019, more than 500 wallets and more than 3 million locations have been uploaded by the users without any marketing activities.

Read more about the achievements of GeoDB in one of the publications from the Spanish media outlet

We are happy to have Luis Gelado at our event as speaker and expert in the big data market. To learn more about the trends in big data and other industries we invite you to AI & Blockchain Summit in Barcelona on 19–21 November 2019.

Get the opportunity to listen to the top industry and business leaders, get in contact with politicians, investors, VCs and financial institutions at the biggest conference venue in 2019.

We will have 3 days of intensive networking and expert discussions, demonstrations of outstanding technical innovations and most important commercial developments.

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