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3 min readFeb 17, 2020


Dear community members,

You might agree that now it’s an ideal time for the announcement of our next event, and this time we have prepared something absolutely special for you. If you are busy working on your MVP, or developing your startup idea, looking for investors or even going full scale with your business — then EU | Sillicon Valley 5-days Entrepreneurship Training is a perfect match with your goals this year!

Bringing Silicon Valley straight to Europe this September! No more thinking about how to get a know-how of startup success from the USA!

A 5-day intensive acceleration in Catalonia — a crash course in business and entrepreneurship for the local and international startup community!

What should you expect?

European Expertise

InnMind, an international online accelerator for 13,000+ tech startups and 5,000 VCs from 75+ countries will help founders to access finance, tools, knowledge base, new markets, clients and strategic partners.

Silicon Valley Resources

Designed to transform international startup ecosystems into world-class hubs providing resources, knowledge, network and innovation — Draper University, top world entrepreneurship program has over 500+ alumni from 50 countries and helped to build 350+ startups that raised $470M+ in seed funding from venture investors.

Intensive Training

The expertise of the top Silicon Valley mentors and experience of the most successful startups will be conveyed throughout the whole 3 day program through interactive workshops, “know-how” lectures, practical cases, networking opportunities, strategic development techniques and much more to achieve the most important goal — make your business grow and accelerate.

Access to ‘Must Have’

5-day intensive course that will substitute 3 months of hard work, looking for investors and developing your business plan. Led by the Silicon Valley investors, startup mentors, founders of the most recognised companies with a proven track of success, InnMind & Draper University is inviting international startups of all stages to join the bootcamp of 2020, an event that will make an impact.

Limitless opportunities of Silicon Valley, European expertise and know-how, networking and vital entrepreneurship secret recipe are waiting for you this September in Catalonia!

Onboard now and ensure your productive start of the business year with an absolutely fascinating event that will transform the way you see your startup!

Join as EARLY BIRDS right now!



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